Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chuck McCann Interview with Ross and Nightmare on Black Sky Radio

Listen to our interview with actor/comedian Chuck McCann. 
(Ducktales, The Bob Newhart Show, Far Out Space Nuts, Cool McCool, Powerpuff Girls and lots more).


Chuck is from Brooklyn, New York. In the 1960's he entered the world of television by way of children's entertainment. From there, it was a transition into sketch comedy and before too long he would have "The Chuck McCann Show" and a his own variety special in the 70's. In the 1970's television boom, Chuck found himself as a guest star on many established dramas and sit-coms. During this time, he was also known as Barney, in the Saturday morning classic, "Far Out Space Nuts" with Bob Denver which he helped create and write. As a voice artist, you probably have heard Chuck 100 times - and you and your kids are still listening! From 90% of the voices on the "Cool McCool" series to the all Amoeba Boys on "Powerpuff Girls", Chuck's voice talent is renowned. Chuck is also one of the ORIGINAL founding fathers of the Sons Of The Desert, the worldwide Laurel And Hardy Appreciation Society and was a friend of Stan Laurel's.

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